DuncanPowell Restructuring and Turnaround Services provide formal and informal insolvency and turnaround solutions for companies in financial distress.

We provide the full spectrum of support to companies in distressed situations which can take the form of informal appointments through business viability reviews, advice to significant stakeholders including secured lenders and also strategic advice to Directors. In addition, we provide the full range of formal insolvency appointments.

Our senior staff have in excess of 120 years of restructuring experience, which has allowed us to form strong relationships with significant stakeholders and financial institutions.

Testament to our diverse and adaptable skill base DuncanPowell has been involved in a broad range of entities from small business owners to publicly listed organisations.

Our constructive approach is aimed at overcoming an organisation’s financial, liquidity or management crisis through appropriate restructuring, re-organisation or to provide administrative support to financiers in circumstances where the future viability of the business is ┬áin jeopardy, or as a last resort, to act as formal administrator.